My name is Greg Hurst.  I’m currently a math content developer at Wolfram|Alpha. I have a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science from UIUC and a masters in math from Purdue University.

I just got this site up and running so there is much more to come…

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jerome BENOIT

    Bonjour Greg: very good initiative.
    Your material is very useful. Of course, for some exercises, multiple solutions are possible: in other words, your material can be enriched. Do you have a git repository for it where some enhancement can be submitted ? (What would be simple is the source material is in [La]TeX format).
    Whatever, thanks for your answers.


    So grateful to you for having done this! I now have the courage to approach Apostol’s book and learn it seriously.

    1. edward

      I am totally impressed and grateful! Years ago I did chapter one, solving all the problems. I then sought someone to continue as a sort of study buddy to continue, not so much for help but to challenge each other as friends and have social reinforcement to regularly tackle the problems. One guy claimed interest then disappeared, and I am not so self motivated to push on with a jillion other things to do. (If anyone reading this might be interested please don’t hesitate to contact me. We need only have email or maybe skype communication.) Mr. Hurst, thank you! And of course Apostol always has great problems so finding your solutions is great!

  3. Amitabha Roy

    Thank you for providing us with the solutions to the book “Introduction to Analytic Number Theory” by Tom M.Apostol. It is a great aid for self studying purposes.


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